Get organized and streamline your AliExpress product reviews with our easy-to-use export tool! Aliexpress Product Reviews Exporter allows you to quickly and efficiently export all of your product reviews from AliExpress into a convenient Excel spreadsheet, making it easy to analyze and manage your customer feedback. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to more time and better insights. Try it out today!

  Exporting reviews from Aliexpress to Excel is a great way to organize and analyze customer feedback for your business. With the ability to easily organize and filter data, you can quickly identify patterns and trends in customer feedback that can help improve your business. In this article, we will explore the steps to export reviews from Aliexpress to Excel.

STEP 1: Select the product whose reviews you want to export.

STEP 2: Paste copied URL on  and click on "START EXPORT PROCESS".  All reviews will be downloaded into an Excel file

URL required format:

What content you get ?

👉 Author
👉 Date
👉 Rating
👉 Helpful count
👉 Useless count
👉 Review
👉 Additional Feedback
👉 Picture included
👉 User Country
👉 Order info
👉 Order logistics

All this information is stored in the Excel file generated.

The duration of the task depends on the number of reviews you want to get. You will receive an email once the task is finished if you choose to. Moreover, you can open the exports page to check the progress of your task.

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Good luck and have fun.